Why Skimboarding Is Posed to Be a Huge Sport

Compared to other popular sports such as surfing, football, soccer, golf, basketball and other mainstream sports, skimboarding is like a 6 month old baby that is about ready to have a giant growth spurt.Just in the last few years skimboard sales and products have sky rocketed and the number of kids and young adults picking up a skimboard is growing substantially every year. YouTube has definitely helped the skimboarding industry because it’s been able to show a huge audience what skimboarding truly is. Most older adults have never even heard of a skimboard. Now you can go onto the internet and type in skimboarding and thousands of pages of information and videos are at your finger tips.Whenever I head to the beach now I’m amazed at all the skimboarders and how popular it’s grown over the last decade. When I was a kid which has been some time I would never see a skimboarder, it was body boarding or surfing.It’s great to see so many young people picking up this sport and especially inland skimboarding. The great thing about this sport is you don’t need an ocean and waves to go out and have fun. All you have to do is find a muddy puddle, river, pond or lake and you can have a riot all day long with your friends.In this awesome day and age of technology it’s good to see kids still going outside and having fun. When I was a kid I had the first edition of Nintendo but I still spent most of my time outside with my friends raising havoc.

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